İhlas Media Holding, the owner of major Turkish brands in print, broadcast and digital media, strives to ensure that its subsidiaries carry out their media activities in accordance with ethical principles.

İhlas Media Holding was established on July 10, 2003 to consolidate the media sector subsidiaries of İhlas Group under one umbrella and to increase management efficiency. İhlas Media Holding manages its subsidiaries towards achieving shared goals and supports them in new investments.

Publicly traded since 2010

İhlas Media Holding went public on October 25-26, 2010. The Holding’s shares began trading on BIST (Borsa İstanbul) on October 5, 2010.

Türkiye Newspaper: “New Türkiye for the New Turkey”

Türkiye Newspaper, the subsidiary of İhlas Media Holding in print media, is a distinguished brand in the sector thanks to its reputable publishing policy and high reader loyalty. Communicating effectively with its readers through a widespread network of dealers, Türkiye Newspaper has a significant competitive advantage as well, with its printing facilities located in six cities across Turkey. Türkiye is the only national newspaper that has maintained the same ownership structure since its establishment. In 2013, the Newspaper revised its visual style and content to reflect the slogan, “New Türkiye for the New Turkey,” and further strengthened its editorial staff.

IHA: News from around the world

İhlas News Agency (“IHA”), another subsidiary of İhlas Media Holding, is the first private news agency in Turkey. With its extensive newsgathering network in Turkey and overseas, IHA is among the most reputable news agencies in the world. IHA has considerable competitive power in local news reporting as well, and provides news content to local news organizations via its offices located in all cities and districts in Turkey. The live broadcasting equipment, developed by IHA’s own technical staff, enables the Agency to gather news material in a fast and competent manner. IHA started opening its overseas offices in 1996, and today the Agency is capable of transmitting images, photographs and news from 35 countries in five continents. In addition to 145 image transmission points across Turkey and the world, IHA has 32 uplink stations, which enable it to instantly transmit images via satellite to the entire world. Moreover, IHA offers news reporting and content production services to private corporations through its special marketing teams.

TGRT News TV: Accurate and authentic news reports

TGRT News TV defines its accurate, objective and high quality reporting as “Life Itself, the Center of News.” With hourly news bulletins, TGRT News TV presents special news from Turkey and the world. In addition to successful news broadcasting, TGRT News TV also stands out with its programs, on which experts offer their views on current events.

TGRT FM: Turkey’s wide-reaching news radio

Operating under TGRT News TV, TGRT FM has been engaged in broadcast programming since its launch in 1993. In 2014, the station made a major breakthrough in news broadcasting by starting a collaboration with TGRT News. Thanks to its 125 transmitters across Turkey, TGRT FM can be accessed via radios as well as satellite receivers within the coverage area of the Türksat 4A satellite; and since 2012, from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

TGRT Documentary: Embracing civilizations and cultural values

TGRT Documentary TV aims to draw attention to our culture, civilization, history and social values so that they are embraced and supported by society.

Established on April 22, 2010, TGRT Documentary provides 24-hour uninterrupted broadcasting. Unlike other documentary channels, TGRT Documentary is a free-to-view channel that does not require any form of satellite subscription. In 2015, the Channel took steps towards broadcasting its programs over digital platforms such as Türksat Cable TV and D-smart.

Dijital Varlıklar: The İhlas mark on technological transformation

Dijital Varlıklar carried out major projects within the scope of the restructuring process, which began in the second half of 2013. With an experienced staff consisting of editors, copywriters, graphic designers, mobile application and software developers, and IT experts, the Company aims to become an important player in the fields of web design, mobile content and applications, Internet software and social media management.