Joining the General Assembly



Applicable Provisions

(1) Meetings should be held in accordance with the provisions of the Code and other applicable laws and regulations and the Articles of Association pertaining to general assembly meetings.

(2) İn Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS) the general meeting regarding the law and the Articles of Association as required by the mandatory calls, before the General Assembly entitled submitted to the examination required documents and agenda documents related to the secure electronic signature as provided by law within the time period rights in the owners’ access is made available in Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS).

Entrance to Meeting Place and Preparations for Meeting

(1) Those who have the right of access to the meeting place shall be the shareholders named in the list of attendants prepared in accordance with article 417 of Turkish Trade Law by the Board of Directors, or proxies of shareholders, board members, internal auditor (if any), other executives of the company, persons to be assigned for the electronic general assembly system, the representative of the Ministry of Customs and Trade (if appointed) and persons to be elected or appointed to the chairmanship committee. In addition, unless otherwise decided by the Chairman, persons to be nominated as a candidate for Board of Directors, persons have responsibilities about the matters presented in the agenda, persons who have to make explanations and technicians who record the audio and images and press members may also attend the meeting.

(2) At the time of entry to the meeting place, natural person shareholders and the representatives who are appointed via electronic general assembly system established pursuant to article 1527 of the Code, shall be required to show their identity cards, and the proxies of natural person shareholders shall be required to show their identity cards together with their certificates of representation, and the proxies of legal entity shareholders shall be required to submit their certificates of authorization, and shall sign beside their names in the list of attendants of the meeting. The control procedures in question shall be executed by the Board of Directors or one or more member(s) of the Board of Directors, appointed by the Board of Directors, or person(s) appointed by the Board of Directors.

(3) The place of meeting shall be prepared so as to accommodate all of the shareholders, duties such as to make available and ready at the meeting place, all kinds of stationery, documents, tools and instruments to be needed during the meeting performed by the Board of Directors.

(4) Meeting is recorded by sound and video.

Declaration of Electronic Participation in Meetings

Participate in the meetings of the General Assembly will be held in electronic form, to appoint representatives, to make proposals, opinions and voting process description provided by the Central Registry Agency (MKK) is made out of Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS).

a) Shareholders who electronic participation to meeting by personally or proxy must notify their preferences in Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS).

(b) The participation of representatives of the General Assembly entitled case instead of credentials of representatives must be logged in Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS). Representatives attended the meeting physical done in this way in cases authorization. While the shareholders representatives appointed representative may authorize in general as an agenda item relating to each individually can authorize. The right to participate as a representative of the people who use, in accordance with the instructions of the represented votes.

(c) Legal persons entitled on behalf of the first and second paragraph, pursuant Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS) will be held in the notification of the legal person signing officer of the law 1526. the fourth paragraph of Article accordance with the company on behalf of their names produced secure electronic signature must be signed.

(d) Notifications, may also be filed in accordance with the shareholders instructions by the organization that shares are deposited.

(e) İnforming the general meeting are entitled to participate in an electronic environment, this preference may withdraw it at Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS). This request to participate electronically in the direction of getting back to the rightful owners or their representative can not attend the general meeting physically.

(f) Participating in the meeting electronically, the list of shareholders and representatives from Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS) taken before the meeting begins. This list is used in preparation of list of attendants.

Declaration of Participation in Meetings

(a) General meeting of joint stock companies through electronic media representatives who choose to attend in person or by shareholders, these preferences until two days before the General Meeting must notify the Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS). This time, the shares of listed companies tracked by the Central Registry Agency (MKK) record is implemented as a day on.

(b) Participation in the general meeting electronically notifying the General Assembly entitled this preference since back in Electronic General Assembly System (EGKS) may take up to a day ahead.