İhlas Journalism

İhlas Gazetecilik (İhlas Newspaper Publishing), which owns Türkiye Newspaper as well as several printing facilities that offer printing services both in Turkey and overseas, is among the leading media companies, with strong competitive power and high brand awareness.


Having maintained the same ownership structure and publishing policy since its launch on April 22, 1970, Türkiye Newspaper revised its visual style in 2013 to reflect the slogan, “New Türkiye for the New Turkey.” Committed to the ethical principles of publishing and fundamental rights and freedoms, Türkiye Newspaper maintains a high level of quality in news coverage and content.

High brand awareness, consistent publishing policy

With its 499 employees, experienced management team, consistent publishing policy, high brand awareness and strong reader base, Türkiye Newspaper has considerable competitive power and ranks among the leading media corporations in the sector. Enjoying the advantage of having its own printing facilities, İhlas Gazetecilik’s printing facility in İstanbul has a printing capacity of 55,000 newspapers per hour. Additionally, the Company is capable of producing additional pages featuring local news, as well as printing many national and local newspapers at its facilities in Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Trabzon and Antalya.

Türkiye Newspaper has a proven track record in sales because 90% of total newspapers sold per day are hand delivered to subscribers. The Company has created an integrated business model. Accordingly, all hand-delivery operations are carried out through the extensive marketing network of İhlas Pazarlama A.Ş. (İhlas Marketing), consisting of 806 sales points across Turkey. The hand delivery system, which is practiced in many countries throughout the world but especially in the US and Japan, both enables a solid bond to be established with the reader and achieves consistency in sales.

Publicly traded since 2010

İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş. shares have been traded on BIST (Borsa İstanbul) under the ticker symbol “IHGZT ISIN” since June 14, 2010. As of year-end 2014, İhlas Media Holding and İhlas Holding respectively held 56.55% and 6.92% stakes in İhlas Gazetecilik.

In taking institutionalization to the highest level with the work it has undertaken in recent years, Türkiye Newspaper has become an exemplary enterprise in the sector by constantly renewing itself in terms of content and appearance; and by introducing a new, smaller dimension in the beginning of 2013 the newspaper has become much easier to read. While decisively continuing its “new journalism approach” using the resources and technology of the information era, Türkiye Newspaper has made very significant changes in its design, content and writing staff as of September 17, 2013, while continuing to maintain its professional traditions and principles.

“New Türkiye” for the New Turkey

The revamped Türkiye Newspaper welcomed prominent writers, such as Yıldıray Oğur, Burcu Çetinkaya, Fuat Uğur and Ceren Kenar, to its editorial staff. During a time when news channels provide around-the-clock live broadcasts and online journalism is a persistent threat to newspaper circulation, Türkiye Newspaper has implemented a “special” reporting approach, with depth and quality, by adding experienced reporters to its Special News Service and journalism staff. Additionally, Ercan Gürses was appointed as assistant representative for the Newspaper’s Ankara office, and began reporting from the capital city on domestic and international politics, economy, health and education, together with his young and dynamic team.

With experienced sports writers such as Kemal Belgin, Sadık Söztutan, Hasan Sarıçiçek, Ömer Faruk Ünal, Öcal Uluç and Ümit Aktan among its editorial staff, the Newspaper is also an important source of sports news.

Türkiye Newspaper offers its readers balanced coverage on a wide range of topics, including the special health section and the culture and arts section, both published three days a week, and the automobile section prepared by the famous rally driver Burcu Çetinkaya.

A steady flow of advertising revenue

Boasting a steady flow of advertising revenue, Türkiye Newspaper collaborates with Dijital Varlıklar Company, a subsidiary of İhlas Media Holding, to further amplify its Internet advertising revenue. Having reached 185,000 visitors daily in 2014, www.turkiyegazetesi.com.tr, the online edition of Türkiye Newspaper, is consistently increasing its advertising revenue as well.


The printing facilities of İhlas Gazetecilik, originally established to print Türkiye Newspaper, have since grown steadily through offering printing services to companies outside the Group and have gradually become one of the major printing facilities in Turkey.

Since 1981, the facilities have been providing integrated services including prepress, printing and post-press services for various products such as newspapers, magazines, promotional materials and books.


İhlas Gazetecilik’s printing facility in İstanbul is built on a large tract of land close to İstanbul Atatürk Airport. Its central location provides easy access and hence time savings in services delivery. The printing facility offers its services to Turkish companies as well as to foreign customers in numerous countries.

In addition to the İstanbul facility, İhlas Gazetecilik has printing facilities in Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Trabzon and Antalya. The facility in İstanbul has the capacity to print 55,000 newspapers per hour; the buildings of the printing facilities in Trabzon and Izmir were refurbished in 2014. The Company also prints many national and local newspapers at its facilities located in other cities. İhlas Gazetecilik is one of the two companies that own the largest network of printing centers in Turkey.

İhlas Gazetecilik Printing Facilities in Numbers:

– In six regions with a total printing capacity of 265,000 units per hour

– The web offset printing facility in İstanbul has a printing capacity of 5 million forms per day

– American binders production capacity is 320,000 units per day

– The sheet-fed offset printing capacity of the İstanbul facility is 300,000 sheets

– Hard cover production capacity is 72,000 units per day

İhlas Gazetecilik Printing Facilities – Average Daily Capacity Utilization Rates in 2014:

Printing Center


Number of Turkey Newspapers Printed Number of Other Newspapers Printed Total Capacity of the Printing House
İstanbul 89,731 656,283 1,351,600
Ankara 40,061 37,997 284,000
Izmir 31,188 24,380 284,000
Adana 22,285 33,426 240,000
Antalya 9,326 23,972 150,000
Trabzon 23,486 16,100 150,000
Total 216,077 792,158 2,459,600


* Total print run includes the number of Türkiye Newspaper copies printed per day as well as contract printing figures.

Monthly Circulation for Türkiye Newspaper

Months 2014 2014 Daily Circulation 2013
January 5,679,756 183,218 5,284,001
February 5,145,529 183,769 4,860,421
March 5,501,674 177,473 5,458,807
April 5,207,321 173,577 5,362,822
May 5,091,314 164,235 5,585,540
June 4,924,220 164,140 5,427,581
July 5,083,905 163,996 5,632,751
August 5,109,216 164,813 5,617,310
September 4,935,103 164,503 5,474,619
October 5,044,903 162,738 5,588,853
November 4,882,620 162,754 5,440,738
December 5,063,704 163,345 5,649,090