Ethical Values

Ethical Rules

Our Board of Directors

Our Company has set forth that the capital market is above all dependent on trust and therefore these ethical principles are extremely necessary only to be exceeded in superiority by laws and that this must be defended. The Financial Affairs Manager Board of Directors Member and Accounting-Finance department administrators must;

• Make complete, fair, correct and clear explanations in all reports and documents that are disclosed to the public or submitted to the capital markets regulators that the company is a member of,

•Act in compliance with all laws, regulations and principles in their relations with the company and shareholders

• Be sure to act in letter and in spirit of these ethical principles and work to create a working culture that will establish the basis for compliance with laws and company policies in all of the Company’s activities.

Also they must make sure that persons who are in the position of knowing information on financial statements which have not been disclosed to the public maintain confidentiality with discretion.

Our Employees;

• Are honest, reliable, ethical people who are cautious about moral values and never compromise on these values.

• Carry out their duties in the departments where they are assigned in the company’s best interest with care, devotion, objectivity and compliance with confidentiality rules.

•Strive to do their jobs in the best possible way in order to increase the profitability and market share of the company.

• Are always reasonable and restrained in their speech, behavior and apparel.

• Are aware of the importance of superior – subordinate and customer relations and adjust their behavior accordingly.

• Are respectful, restrained, moderate, active and positive in all of their interactions and therefore have a positive impact on relations both within and outside of the company.

• Comply meticulously with laws, professional principles and relevant regulations.

• Assess difference ideas, perspectives and suggestions with an agreeable approach to make the most efficient, solid and suitable decisions.

• Distance themselves from any kind of arguments with political, religious, ethnic and discriminatory content and any illegal activities.

• Have the necessary information and experience for the job they execute. They constantly strive to improve their general culture, professional knowledge and skills. The utilize the resources and values they have to carry out their responsibilities in the best possible way.