TGRT Documentary TV

Local documentaries are aimed at protecting cultural values.


The documentaries produced and presented by TGRT Documentary TV aim to draw attention to our culture, civilization, history and social values so that they are embraced and supported by society.

Established on April 22, 2010, TGRT Documentary provides 24-hour uninterrupted broadcasting. Unlike other documentary channels, TGRT Documentary is a free-to-view channel, which doesn’t require any form of satellite subscription. In 2014, the Channel renewed all of its studios and started to broadcast new programs with high image quality.

In 2015, the Channel took steps towards broadcasting its programs over digital platforms such as Türksat Cable TV and D-smart.

The mirror of our culture, civilization and history

TGRT Documentary TV offers educational, relaxing and informative documentaries about history, civilization, culture, arts and nature, 24 hours per day.

Programs such as Seyyah-ı Fakir, Velhasıl, Kıyıdan Köşeden Hikayeler, Vuslat, and Hidayete Erenler aim to introduce Turkey’s cultural and natural wealth and generate enormous interest among viewers.

As well, the “Devri Alem” documentary investigates and presents the history of Turkish and Ottoman civilizations throughout the world. TGRT Documentary TV continues its investments to further expand its range of programs.