Human Resources

Human Resources Vision and Policy



The vision of the company is to be an exemplary company in which a world standard human resources approach is embraced, a preferred company in terms of its work force in the sector and a place where everyone is proud of working.


Developing people, making sure that they are happy and peaceful to contribute to the community and have employees with high performance will increase our competitive edge in Turkey and the World. Therefore it is our mission to provide fair and transparent working systems and settings for people to work peacefully.


The purpose of the Human Resources Policy is to make sure that employees are effective, productive and happy so that İhlas Yayın Holding A.Ş. can achieve national and international competitive superiority. The basic principles to be followed in order to achieve this purpose are as follows;

1-To provide candidates according to the nature of the work and necessary skills and to develop and implement exams and orientation systems,

2-To make sure that personnel work in jobs that are relevant to their knowledge and skills

3-To maintain the productivity and efficiency of the company personnel at the highest level,

4-To provide the opportunity for all employees to improve themselves and develop a career by providing an efficient training plan and program,

5- Preparing Senior Level Administrators from within the company for positions other than very specialized ones with the knowledge of the General Manager

6-To maintain the morale and motivation of personnel in every position at the highest level

7-To protect and improve the material and emotional rights of personnel,

8-To create a setting that develops the desire of employees to work with all administrators and work towards developing good human relations,

9-To ensure the development of institutionalization among all personal without language, religion, race or gender discrimination,

10-To meet the social and cultural needs of personnel within the budget resources, ensure the fair benefit of all personnel from social services and aid to make the Company an appealing place to work.

Listening to all the problems, suggestions and expectations of our employees and finding solutions to their problems is handled by the human resources department. One person within the department is assigned with this duty. Sırrı Söztutan is our colleague who has been assigned with this task. Also the address has been opened to assess all problems and suggestions and every issue is responded to here.

There are no complaints on discrimination to date. The applications in our company on this issue are quite clear and transparent. No one is excluded based on religion, language, race and gender. This issue is a principle of our HR policy.

The work analysis necessary to establish a fair salary system and the determination of job descriptions, authorities and responsibilities of our employees have been started by our Human Resources department. After the work analysis is completed a performance assessment system based on goals and skills will be established. After the system is completely formed a Performance assessment handbook will be compiled and implemented once the necessary training is provided to the employees and administrators. The regulations on supplying and preparing personnel, Leaving employment and discipline rules and regulations on the titles to be used in the holding have been published. In this context training sessions on regulations that have been published concerning the revision work on employee titles, application rules and monitoring work training for employees and other departments are ongoing. Also work on other matters (Individual benefits, salary management etc) continue. When they are completed announcements will be made. Our organizational structure is being reshaped. After the organizational structure is completed an organization handbook will be prepared and the new job descriptions will be notified to personnel.



For job applications;

1- You may contact us from the adress below,

İhlas Holding A.Ş.

İnsan Kaynakları Müdürlüğü (Human resources department)

Merkez Mah. 29 Ekim Caddesi

İhlas Plaza No:11 B/21

34197 Yenibosna Bahçelievler/İSTANBUL

2- Or you may send your resume to the fax number (0212) 454 21 75

3- You may apply online from

Applications will be evaluated and kept private whether applied one of the three cases above.