Chairman's Message

In 2014, we distinguished ourselves from other media corporations as a powerful company, thanks to our publishing policy based on universal ethical principles and mindful of social values, our 45 years of experience and expertise in the publishing sector, and our visionary investments for the future as well as our capacity to align ourselves with current trends.


Valuable Partners,


In 2014, İhlas Media Holding achieved successful financial and operational results, and closed the year with profits. The municipal elections in 2014, Turkey’s total focus on the June 7, 2015 general elections, and the repercussions of Fed’s decision to end its bond-buying program have not prevented our Holding from moving toward its goals in a decisive manner.

A “consistent” brand mix

In 2014, markets became highly vulnerable to the rapid changes in the global arena, which in turn led to some major changes in the highly sensitive media sector. Media companies experienced financial difficulties, ownership structures changed and new structures were formed.

Despite these difficult conditions, the media companies of İhlas Media Holding continued their activities on a steady course. We owe this success primarily to our visionary, synergistic and multifunctional business models, our publishing policy based on universal ethical principles and mindful of the values of Turkish society, and also to our capacity to align ourselves with the current business environment.

We are changing the dynamics of journalism

In parallel with the structuring of “new Turkey,” our newspaper was also revamped to reflect the slogan “New Türkiye for the New Turkey,” with a new logo, visual style, and an even stronger editorial staff. This change was also reflected in our newspaper’s website, and helped increase the number of readers who access the newspaper via social media. While print newspapers are threatened by the expansion of online journalism, Türkiye Newspaper has become even more powerful thanks to its extensive network of dealers who hand-deliver the newspaper.

The hand-delivery system, established by our Group 40 years ago, is invaluable in today’s world in terms of reaching customers who have become accustomed to convenience. This system is also very useful in building one-to-one relationships with readers and closely following their expectations.

The center of news

The year 2014 was extremely productive for İhlas News Agency (IHA), regarded as one of the most reputable news agencies in the world with its global news network. In 2014, IHA provided its subscribers in Turkey and overseas with extensive coverage on economic, diplomatic and political crises shaping the global agenda. Receiving strong support from IHA, TGRT News TV and TGRT FM – one of the first private radio stations in Turkey – have always had a strong influence on the national agenda with their news reports, while TGRT Documentary TV has won admiration from documentary lovers through programs that aim to promote Turkish culture and history in the best way possible.

IT projects aimed at creating added value

Commencing operations in 2013, the Dijital Varlıklar Visual Media and Internet Services Company developed several projects aimed towards proficiently creating added value. Our Company helps expand the number of readers and viewers by offering solutions in news portal design and management, mobile applications, Internet software, social media and advertising management. Our team is currently working on new projects to build reader loyalty through digital media and to create efficient and effective digital advertising space.

As a result of our successful efforts, İhlas Media Holding achieved profitability in 2014, despite difficult market conditions. Because this is a sector we know intimately, and succeed in, we do our jobs with the same enthusiasm and excitement every single day.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our shareholders for their support in all the operations carried out by İhlas Media Holding, and also to the members of İhlas Family, our business partners, viewers, listeners and readers. I wish further success to our companies operating in all areas of the media and publishing sector.

Respectfully Yours,


A. Mücahid Ören

Chairman of the Board of Directors